The Joy and heartache of Christmas

AHP-05-0330Christmas is the time of year when we are forced to look at the quality of the relationships in our life. Some of us are very fortunate and are part of a solid family unit but not everyone is so lucky.

It can be very difficult to face up to the reality of broken families or lost loved ones. I know because that is my story. I am divorced and my Christmas’s will never be the same. I feel sadness for all the dreams that have been lost.

There is so much expectation in life and Christmas is particularly difficult because we are supposed to be surrounded by family and friends. What if you are not?

We are social creatures and we must find ways to become part of a community. Whether it be through sport, religion, or the local pub, it is important to interact with others. I have built up a solid network of friends and am able to share special moments with people who care.

Time alone is important, as I have noted in an earlier post. Being out in nature is hugely beneficial. Taking a walk and noticing all the infinite wonders of mother nature is one of the best therapeutic practices in the world.

A strong spiritual practice can help. Spirituality involves anything that feeds your soul. I love dancing and singing. I have just started playing the guitar.

Creating new routines and establishing traditions is also helpful. I love to cook and entertain. I love to bring people together and share stories and laughter. This makes me happy.

It is important to appreciate the simple things in life. Appreciation is the key word here. It is all a matter of attitude. We can be unhappy with our life or we can enjoy getting up in the morning and being grateful for being alive. Every morning is a new beginning. Embrace it.

Finding peace with our emptiness is a process which takes time. This is the seventh Christmas since I got separated and divorced. I am a different person today than I was seven years ago. The children are with their father this year but that is ok. I have created a new life with wonderful friends and I will wake up on Christmas morning and be grateful for all that I have.

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  1. Laurie Enns says:

    I just came across this post Gabriella, so well written. It comes from your heart, I know I too am where you are. I have created a new life and choose to be grateful for what I have also. Thanks for sharing a piece of your soul.


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