Feeling grateful


I had such a wonderful day yesterday. I woke up early and I mean early…four o clock. I could not sleep so I decided to get up. I did my usual thing. Made coffee and turned on the news. Then I decided to practice the guitar. I am enjoying that so much. I have always wanted to play the guitar but I used to struggle tuning it. They now have this funky device that you attach to the neck and as you play each string it tells you if you are in tune.

I had a tee off time for 9:40. It was cold but really invigorating. I am working hard at improving my golf and my commitment is paying off. I can see real improvement and that is so exciting.

After golf I was really hungry and decided to go to Carluccio’s in Tunbridge Wells. I ordered two mains and a salad and people were staring at me when all the food arrived. Needless to say I did not eat it all but it was scrumptious. It is so wonderful when you are truly ravenous and you eat a delicious meal.

From there I went to Pennybridge. I was meeting Hannah for a massage and I decided to have it in the pool building. We took some great photos. After that I had a swim and sauna, came home and sat in front of the fire and gave thanks.

I am truly grateful for my life. I spent the whole day by myself and I was completely happy. I know how hard I have worked to get to this point and I am immensely proud.

Interesting enough I was then surfing the web and found an article of a study done by scientists at the HeartMath Institute. They have demonstrated that when a person is feeling really good, and is full of positive emotions like love, gratitude, and appreciation, their heart beats out a different message that’s encoded in its electromagnetic field. This in turn has positive health effects on their body overall. I sure felt it that day and those feel good vibrations have carried on over the course of the week.

We cannot have good days every day but the good days can help us get over the not so good days. I challenge you to plan a day from start to finish with all kinds of feel good activities. Embrace life, enjoy the day and put your worries behind you. Try it and feel the positive energy flow through you. The next challenge is then to make that feeling last as long as possible. Good luck. I am off now planning my next feel good day!!

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