Food Glorious Food!

PostFOOD!! What does that word mean to you?

Does it create happy memories of time spent with family and friends or does it create stress in your mind and butterflies in your stomach? Food has become a controversial subject and this is quite sad really. Food can and should create happy memories. Even if you are eating on your own, there is no excuse not to make an effort. After all, you should be the most important person in your life and if you do not make an effort for yourself it shows a lack of self respect. This will then directly relate to your feelings of happiness and well being.

It is really important to use food as a way of getting people together both socially and in business. Whenever I have a business meeting at my home I always offer something lovely to eat and drink. Sometimes I even make lunch. It makes the meeting that much more enjoyable and productive. I love good quality coffee and wonderful unhomogenised and unpasteurised milk that comes from real cows!!! For lunch I would make something light and simple like steamed fish and fresh salad with homemade salad dressing. I include artisan bread and butter as I believe a little bit of good quality grains adds to the whole eating experience and good quality fats are equally as important in my world.

We need food to survive, but in this day and age there is so much food available it is not a matter of survival, instead it is a matter of choice. From the minute we make up to the minute we go to bed we are bombarded with choices. So how do we make good choices? It is quite simple really. It is about being organised. Thinking about our daily intake or our weekly intake allows us to make better choices. I am always asking my family and friends what they are planning on eating that day because I want them to think about it in order to make a better choice. This is where a food journal comes in handy but the problem with a food journal is that we record what we have eaten after we eat it. Much better to make a list and dietary plan for the week including nights out in order to take into account our weekly consumption. This is also where we can organise our diary in order to make time to go to the shops and perhaps even prepare meals in advance.

The difficulty is really about finding the time and making the decision to take control. It is so easy to meander through life accepting what is given to us instead of working towards a goal. Taking control over your dietary intake can have so many helpful benefits that it is worth finding the time on an evening or morning to organise yourself for the coming days ahead.

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