Talking from Experience

Having lived my own personal brexit, I was shocked last Friday when I saw that the UK voted to leave the EU. I have come to terms with it now. I accept the democratic vote and feel proud of the bravery and courage it took to stand up for what the majority decided was right for the UK.

I did not grow up in England although I am fortunate  to be an English citizen now. I am an immigrant from Canada and grateful that the UK saw fit to allow me to settle in this amazing country. I have been concerned about stories of racism recently but I know that this is a small minority and will soon be stamped out. I have no worries that the UK will continue to allow decent people to immigrate here as long as they have something to bring to the table.

Brexit has been likened to a divorce. I know about that and therefore feel that I am talking from experience. I voted out of my marriage seven years ago. It was difficult but I am coming out the other side of it now. It takes time but in the end it will be alright because it will always be alright. It is a new world order and one which I am happy and proud to be a part of.

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