Home Is Where the Heart Is

I have come home. I have had many homes, but there is one place in the world that touches my heart. It is this place. It is where I grew up as a teenager. It is called Valemount, the valley in the mountains.

My teenage years were challenging, but at the same time life changing. Nature’s wonder and beauty inspired me through those difficult years (I was very lucky to grow up in such an incredible place) and even now nature’s continuous pattern of change and growth continues to give me great strength and hope.

How is it that a place can create such feelings of love and joy? It is the beauty of this place which sets it apart and tugs at your heart strings. It is the power and the wonder.

I cannot help but gasp at the awesomeness of these glorious skies and mountains. My heart wells up with an infinite amount of love and light. I am bursting with excitement and joy. I feel like I can conquer the world.

When I come back down to reality I pause and think. I take a deep breath and enjoy the peace and tranquility which washes over me.

I have come home. I will draw strength from my time here for my journey ahead.

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