Live in Peace

Life is about making choices. In order to create the life we want we have to make the right choices.

Our choices need to reflect our values. Values can change depending on our goals. Our goals help us envision what it is we want and allow us to strive each day to move forward in the right direction.

I was having an interesting discussion with a friend today about finding peace. We find peace in death but what about in life? His reply was that peace is a state of mind. He is right and for a moment it was something I had forgotten.

I began thinking about what peace means to me. My life is generally quite busy, some might call it crazy. The point is I make choices which allow me to find peace amongst the bedlam.

I have trained my mind to be able to switch off when I am in overdrive. It is a very useful tool and one which brings me peace when I desperately need it. There are a number of ways to do this and as we are all individuals it is up to us to find and develop our own personal strategies. One of mine is escaping into nature. Another one is reading and writing.

I have developed my own set of habits which allow me to default to a state of bliss. Peace brings contentment. It is a natural consequence. That is why I make the choices that I do.

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