The Power of Nurturing and Intuition

For the last three weekends I have worked with my friend and we have planted flowers all around my house. I feel like my house is surrounded with love.

I have this incredible sense of joy each time I look outside and see all the little beings that I am responsible for. By nurturing them I am nurturing myself. Win-win really.

Those of us who have a maternal instinct often put others needs first before our own. This is actually the wrong way around. In order to be truly effective we have to put our needs first. We must lead by example.

It is so important to listen to the signs. I always pay attention when my stomach drops or my heart beats quickly. These are my warning signs. They spell trouble.

Whether it is business or personal matters, it is vital to pay attention to our intuition, but the only way to do that is to recognise what that feeling is. By nurturing ourselves we can do what we “feel” is right and we will have a better chance of actually making the right decision.


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