Like a Rock

I love rocks. Whenever I go on a road trip in Canada I stop at all the creeks and look at the beautiful scenery and feel grateful for my life. Funny that rocks could have so much meaning for me. I suppose they could also be a metaphor for something more.

We often say that someone is our rock, which means they are someone you know you can depend upon no matter what. I am somewhat cynical of this cliche after having lived the life I have lived. I realise I have to be my own rock. I am not trying to undermine the support or commitment of those in my life who aspire to help, but we have to help ourselves as well.

The properties of a rock make it ‘strong and stable’ in the short run but long term all rocks are eventually transformed into something different. Nothing is forever. Make the most of what you have got. I am giving it my all and extremely grateful for the opportunities which present themselves to me.

As Bob Seger said:

“I stood proud, I stood tall,

High above it all

I still believed in my dreams

Like a rock”

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