What is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to cope with and rise to the inevitable challenges, problems and set-backs you meet in the course of your life, and come back stronger from them.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about resilience. I must admit I have never used this word and had to look up its definition. My friend has a new job and during her training this word was highlighted as an important value.

If we look in nature we see how animals adapt to become more resilient to their environment. Presumably, humans are able to do the same.

As individuals living in the twenty first century  in a westernised culture, how do we adapt to this ever changing world?  Most of us adapt to our immediate surroundings without putting too much thought into it, but what about the bigger picture?

We learn about the goings on in the world  through the news. Once upon a time there was only television, radio, newspapers and magazines. We now have the internet and social media. I would vouch to say we are still learning about the implications of the internet and we will need all the resilience we can get in order to cope with the consequences of this new medium.

Resilience by definition talks about surviving difficulties and becoming stronger. I hope humans as a race prove to be as resilient as animals in adapting to their changing environment. We know some animals have not been able to survive.

The image which I chose to accompany this post highlights the difference between western society and indigenous cultures. Will we be able to marry the two and find a way forward? Can we look beyond our immediate environment and find a way to help others be more resilient?

We are all different and consequently our values are all different. I wish there was some way to encourage people to examine their values and think about how they affect others.

Part the reason I write this blog is to inspire myself. I did not realise this until recently but writing makes me more resilient. We all need to find tools to help us on our path and I am grateful for having found one that helps me and hopefully helps others.


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