Gabriella Atkinson

It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Early life experience

Gabriella Atkinson was born and raised amid the beautiful mountains and forests of Canada. Her parents ran a successful chain of hotels, through which she developed a taste for business at an early age. No doubt this is where her understanding and drive comes from.

Her father became a property developer and built motels around the province of British Columbia, while her mother would run the businesses until they were sold and they moved on to the next location.

Growing up in the hospitality sector helped build her vast knowledge and experience in this field.

Pennybridge House - Real Estate Development Projects by Gabriella Atkinson.

Move to England

She moved to England as a young mother and raised her three children, after which life took her in a whole new direction. It was here that she embarked upon the property development and setting up her own businesses.

Her largest and most successful project was the renovation of Pennybridge house in Wadhurst, East Sussex.

The Bedgebury Story

With a background in hospitality and business development from an early age, my route to Bedgebury began when my daughter and I started competing on the county level show pony circuit. It took me to Bedgebury and as a livery client I saw the potential of the historical estate with its beautiful outlook and proximity to the renowned Bedgebury Forest and Pinetum. It reminded me of my childhood growing up in the mountains in Canada. When it came up for sale in 2009, I realised this was a business opportunity too good to pass up.

Another childhood passion that seemed to weave its way into the Bedgebury canvas was photography. A gift of a camera from my father as a young adult soon developed into a passion. With the beauty of Bedgebury and each passing moment, I was desperate to capture and share everything I saw through the lens as a photographer and business woman.

Growing up in Canada led me to lots of adventures and as a sporting adrenaline seeker I found an unusual connection to yoga. I bumped into a yoga teacher in the local village and was drawn to his calm and stillness. I  decided then I wanted to study yoga philosophy and movement. I became a qualified teacher and practiced daily within the grounds of Bedgebury which offers a backdrop of calm and serenity. I combined that with Ayurveda as well.

Gabriella Atkinson

The Development of Bedgebury

I grew up in property development and saw the potential within the existing structure and layout of the Bedgebury estate. I have secured planning to convert the lovely Victorian cottages and equestrian facilities to bring a modern twist to Bedgebury. This development is currently underway with the first phase to be completed within the next year.

The beauty of Bedgebury needs to be shared and with that in mind, I renovated three existing lodges overlooking views of the lake and surrounding woodland. They offer two bedrooms, enclosed gardens, outside patios and fire pits, all available for short term rentals. Guests often rebook for next time as they hand back their keys.

Beautiful Nature

The essence of nature is intoxicating at Bedgebury and envelopes you when you arrive and stays with you long after you leave. The echo of the horses’ hooves coming back after a hack out in the forest creates a romantic ambiance and the fleeting glimpses of deer and other wildlife give a real sense of the beauty of nature.

The location offers versatility for movie or TV shoots, wellbeing retreats, meditation and spirituality workshops, private events, product launch and whatever else you can imagine.

The beautiful landscape around Bedgebury Park in Kent, England.

“Every great business Begins With a dream”