Gabriella Atkinson

It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it!

Growing up in Canada

I was born in Vancouver and I feel very connected to my birthplace.  I was fortunate as I had many experiences growing up not only in Vancouver but in other locations in British Columbia. We moved to Hope BC when I was four and my parents started their partnership in business together. My mother has been a true inspiration to me. 

My parents were the perfect team. My dad became a property developer and built motels around the province of British Columbia and my mother would run the businesses until they were sold and we moved on to the next location. It is a testament to them that all these businesses still exist and are all still thriving today. 

At the age of nine we moved to Kamloops and this was a very significant time in my childhood as I excelled at school and even became president of the student council.

At thirteen we moved to Valemount which was a remote community and I found it difficult to adjust but all of these challenges made me even more resilient and this has undoubtedly helped me with all of my future endeavours. 

Eventually I made my way back to Vancouver as a young woman attending university and I met my husband and got married in 1991. We had three children together and a lifetime of experiences. Although we got divorced after twenty years, we are now the best of friends. 

Moving to England

I moved to England in 1996 and my husband and I raised our children in the southeast, although we never lost touch with our Canadian roots. The family is now spread out between Canada and England but we cherish our connections with both countries. 

I went into business for myself after my divorce. I must admit it has not been easy as I had a lot to learn. I always say “an education does not come for free” and I can definitely vouch for that.

After embarking upon a number of renovation projects, I eventually purchased a large piece of land adjacent to Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent. Here began a whole new journey.

Bedgebury Park Resort has been my home for over 10 years now. During that time I have worked tirelessly to develop my dream business, and have seen it evolve from a pre-eminent equestrian centre to a resort offering short and long term luxury accommodation, a holistic centre and wellness retreat with spa facilities.

“Every great business Begins With a dream”